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Shady Lane School invites all families, alumni, staff and friends in the community to stay connected to the latest school news and events. Your interest and participation makes Shady Lane a special place. In addition to this page, please follow us on Twitter (@shadylaneschool) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/shadylaneschool). Watch for our "shade trees" logo!

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Let's win an Imagination Playground!

Slowly but surely, our Little Gym is evolving into a unique, flexible learning space! We have secured $5,000 toward a variety of resources to make the space suitable for toddler large motor play, preschool small group play, and creative expression through sensory exploration, movement and music by all. We'll soon be seeking an additional $2,500 to further expand on these first steps. And now...with your vote and those of your friends....we can complete this fantastic flexible space with a set of Imagination Playground blocks!

The success of the Imagination Playground program has prompted us to seek out votes to win an Imagination Playground & Play Associate Training (valued at over $7,500) by receiving the most votes for Shady Lane School. Simply click here to vote and enter "Shady Lane School" as the program you're supporting with your vote. Then share the Imagination Playground link with your friends, colleagues and others who support our cause, and ask them to vote, too!

Get your family, friends and coworkers to vote once a day! We're helping you help kids play, so please vote today and every day between now and October 1!

Also follow our Twitter feed (@shadylaneschool) and see regular updates on our plans for the Little Gym! We'll be posting links to our blog, Along Shady Lane, where we'll have a special page dedicated to the Little Gym and the other exciting changes we've made at Shady Lane over the past four years. Follow the news and don't forget to vote so the Imagination Playground can be part of the Shady Lane experience.

View the video at the link below to learn how the National Building Museum has incorporated the Imagination Playground into their popular "Play Work Build" exhibit!

Imagination Playground at the National Building Museum

Round Up for Shady Lane!

Thanks to our friendly neighbors at the East End Food Coop, you can painlessly support Shady Lane by rounding up your purchase at the Coop in September, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Shady Lane's Scholarship Funds. Just ask the person at checkout to "round up for Shady Lane" and the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters you'd get in change will come directly to support our work. Thank you!

NPR and Daniel Tiger come to Shady Lane...

Click on the link in the tweet below to see more about the upcoming report on NPR's Morning Edition featuring five children from the Partners Class and Co-Lead Educator Lexi Schaefers.

Think Shady Lane is overbooked? Think again!

There are still a few Half Day and Full Day openings available. Some lucky children between 2 and 5 and their families will join us in September...call for information today.

Executive Director presenting at PAEYC Conference, Early Childhood Summit this fall

Patrick Webster, Shady Lane Executive Director, will be making a presentation on a new topic at two major regional conferences this fall.

At the PAEYC and Allegheny County Family Support Conference, to be held this year on October 17-18 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, downtown, and the seventh annual Pennsylvania Early Childhood Education Summit, to be held at the Penn Stater in State College from November 10-12, Patrick will hold an interactive presentation entitled "Diversity, Peace and the Developmental Perspective of Preschoolers".

Patrick will highlight observations of highly diverse classrooms and years of best practices in facilitating problem solving at Shady Lane. Participants will engage in a thought-provoking dialogue about broad views on the power of diversity, empathy, engagement, peaceful conflict resolution, and the unique developmental opportunities available to early childhood programs to lead their communities to more peaceful lives through their influence on children and families.

We are always proud and excited to have such opportunities to extend our professional development work to regional and state-wide audiences. Thanks to all who made these presentations possible.

Seen our blog?

We have created "Along Shady Lane" in an effort to both recollect our past and also share what we know today. To reflect the best of the thinking, creativity and learning of our widely talented professional staff, we’ll post a variety of formats: original writing, links to current research, quotes and comments that strike a chord, stories from Shady Lane’s past, photos and artwork, among many others. We’ll include interesting tidbits from our collection of historical artifacts and artwork. And, of course, we’ll include current and past work of the “short colleagues” who are at the center of everything we do–the remarkable 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds with whom we are honored to share our days.

Visit along.shadylane.org, explore our initial posts and pages, and bookmark it! We hope you enjoy and find it a worthwhile read. You can also go Along Shady Lane by clicking on Dolly the Dinosaur whenever you see her on the right side of any page on this website!

A critical safety reminder from PennDOT...

Results of 2013-14 Family Program Evaluation are here!

Please click on the link below to see the results of our annual Family Program Evaluation. This evaluation is part of our ongoing work to renew our NAEYC Accreditation, and gives us valuable information in assessing the quality of our services.

We are proud of our continuing positive outcomes for children and their families, and hope these results help in showing how our families feel about the quality of Shady Lane School.

View Results »

2014-15 Calendar & Tuition are here!

Click here for:
2014-15 School Calendar
2014-15 Tuition Rates & Policies
Or visit our Admissions & Financial Aid section for more details.

In Memoriam

Please click below or go to the "In Memoriam" page at "Our Story" to help us remember the legacy of Donna Chase.

Donna Chase

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