An open heart...
...makes a difference.

child painting

Bright Futures Begin Here

Shady Lane enjoys a reputation as one of the region's most effective, nurturing and fun-loving early learning environments.

We earned that reputation through our daily, shared commitment to four core principles. You will find these principles in action across all programs, within our own classrooms, in our collaborations with community partners and through ongoing professional development activities.

Our Mission »

Shady Lane is a diverse and inclusive learning community committed to facilitating children's social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth by creating a supportive yet challenging environment where children learn through play and experience to become confident, creative and collaborative learners.

Inclusion »

One of the first things that parents observe at Shady Lane is a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Diversity, alone, is not enough. We harness the power of inclusion, welcoming all gifts and experiences to the table so that everyone is enriched.

Diverse Methods »

Teaching is an academic discipline, a commitment and an art. Shady Lane recognizes and respects the diverse talents, experiences and methods developed by each of our Lead Educators and team members.

The Arts »

Shady Lane celebrates an arts-centered vision of the child. It’s through song, movement, painting, textiles, music, movement and other arts that we create and sustain learning environments where playfulness and joy abound.

Mutual Learning »

Children can only realize their pure potential to the extent that they learn to live, learn and play in relationship to others. Shady Lane emphasizes partnering, problem solving, conflict resolution, team building and other social skills as essential building blocks.