An open heart...
...makes a difference.

child painting


A Whole Greater than the Sum

In 1966, those concerned with diversity focused on historic barriers (race and poverty), and Shady Lane's effort to create a diverse student and staff population reflected that focus. Today, Shady Lane takes a more complex and holistic approach to diversity. We seek to address the full range of barriers to participation—not just race and poverty, but differences in culture, religion, physical and cognitive ability, family composition, and language, among others.

This broader understanding of the power of inclusion does not simply embrace people in spite of their differences. Rather, it recognizes that each child, each member of the community, is an individual from birth, bringing a whole host of gifts and experiences to the table. No single trait defines a person, and all of our attributes contribute to one’s unique identity. In this way, true inclusion excludes no one, and enriches everyone.