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Mutual Learning

How Good People Grow

At Shady Lane, we give the pure potential of your child the time, space and encouragement it needs to blossom.

We know more than ever before about the importance of these early education years to a child's lifelong development. We have a more nuanced and useful understanding of multiple intelligences, interpersonal connections and the need for parent/school collaboration. This understanding is applied as it relates to each child's development across the five primary domains: Physical/Motor, Language/Communication, Adaptive/Self-Help, Cognitive and Emotional-Social (PLACE).

Partnering, problem solving, conflict resolution, team building and other social skills act as building blocks, supporting future learning and the growth of complete, well-rounded people. Shady Lane invests not only in individual growth and accomplishment, but in collaborative process, empathy and the principle that everyone can learn from everyone else.