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child painting

The Arts

An Arts-Centered Vision of the Child

Fred Rogers reminded us: "Play is the Work of Childhood." At Shady Lane, we bring the arts into every classroom so that an atmosphere of playfulness and joy can flourish.

We know that young children awaken their imaginations, and feed their growth and development through direct interaction with the arts. We draw from all expressions (color, clay, textiles, song, movement painting, drawing, music, movement) to form the core of each classroom's curriculum.

Materials and interactions change over time; from the pure sensory input craved by infants to the symbolic, imagination-laden role playing years, to the creative social interaction and problem-solving of the later preschool experience.

An important report on early learning observed:

"As they engage in the artistic process, children learn that they can observe, organize, and interpret their experiences. They can make decisions, take actions, and monitor the effect of those actions. They can create form and meaning where none existed before. The arts experience becomes a source of communication and interaction for children and adults."

– Young Children and the Arts: Making Creative Connections
Arts Education Partnership, Washington, DC 1998

From Painting and Drawing to Music and Movement

Shady Lane's arts commitment goes beyond individual expression to collaborative creations, documentation and display of children's work, and celebration of the creative process.