A persistent vision...
...makes a difference.

teacher reading to children

Shady Lane began in 1966 as an idea that was ahead of its time on many fronts. From the outset, we have advocated for doing better by our children, teachers, parents and community. We seek knowledge and challenge assumptions.

Even more importantly, we continue to listen and learn. We keep ourselves at the forefront, adopting new understanding of learning styles and multiple intelligences and new findings from early childhood brain development research.

The constant has been a strong passion for and a deep commitment to children; all that they bring, and all that they can become.

Our Heritage »

So much has changed during Shady Lane's long history; while many other things have, happily, stayed constant.

Our Alumni »

Forty-seven years of making brighter futures brings the untold satisfaction of watching children grow, mature and remain connected to the Shady Lane community.

Testimonials »

Parents and alumni honor and support us with their continued participation and involvement in the work and wonder of Shady Lane.