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Parent Involvement

Proud of the Volunteer Spirit

Shady Lane is both proud of and grateful for the volunteer spirit and generosity expressed by our families, staff, alumni, and the community at large. Parents routinely give a bit of their time and energy, and find the experience so enlivening that they come back wanting more.

Annual Events

Parents, educators, and administrators work together for the benefit of the Shady Lane community. Many annual events, including the Book Fair, are led by parents in collaboration with educators and administrators.

All parents and staff are encouraged to volunteer and participate in Shady Lane events. Sign up for participation is sought in the fall, but parents may volunteer at any time. In addition, many opportunities to participate in the community, including discussion groups and other gatherings occur throughout the year.

Board of Trustees

Shady Lane is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. We have found that a diverse Board is crucial to the strength of the organization, and that such diversity is strengthened by the participation of current and past Shady Lane parents as well as other members of the community. Parents interested in serving on Shady Lane's Board of Trustees can ask for more information from Michele Atkins, Executive Director.