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Professional Development Programs

From the beginning, Shady Lane has served as a model for other early childhood programs, through site visits, publications, conferences and collaborations. Since 2000, Shady Lane has expanded its reach by providing high-quality professional development and other support and consultation services to the professionals and programs that, in turn, educate and care for our area's youngest children.

Please see the listings below for upcoming professional development opportunities being offered by Shady Lane. Follow the links to register for these events through the Pennsylvania Early Learning Keys to Quality website (login required).

Our thanks to our partners in early childhood professional development: Point Park University; the Southwest Regional Key; and the Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children (PAEYC).

Moving In, Moving On, Moving Out: Transitions

K3 C2 34
Instructor: Polly Lipkind, Shady Lane Professional Development Director
Location: Shady Lane
Thursday, April 24
1:00 - 4:00 PM; total 3 DPW and Act 48 Hours

Transitions are ever present throughout our lives. As adults, usually we make transitions more easily than children. This is based on our life experience. In order to assist our children and their parents experience a smoother transition from home to child care, we will explore possibilities that will meet the needs of all involved. We will discuss practical transition plans for families and children: “moving in” to child care, with positive options for transitions during the day; “moving on” to the next developmental level or activity; and “moving out” to other classrooms or other schools.

Go to the PA Keys website to register and for more information.
A Program of Shady Lane
This program is funded through the Southwest Regional Key and PAEYC.

Supporting and Enhancing Social/Emotional Development and Self-Regulation using Digital Media in the Preschool Classroom

K2 C3 11
Instructor: Maren Herman, Lead Educator, Shady Lane School
Location: Shady Lane
Thursday, May 1, 2014
1:00 - 4:00 PM; total 3 DPW and Act 48 Hours

Enhancing children’s development of positive self-concept and competence has blossomed in our preschool classroom because of the integration of digital media. The instructor will demonstrate “real time” experiences and the subsequent growth evident within the children and their ability to develop peer relationships, a sense of competence, and problem solving skills. Participants will develop a plan for implementing some of these successful practices within their classrooms.

Our classes are filling up fast! Don't miss out!
Please go to the PA Keys website to register for this class.
A Program of Shady Lane
This program is funded through the Southwest Regional Key and PAEYC.

An Infant Educator's Book Studies Group:
Touchpoints by T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.

K1 C3 02
Instructor: Polly Lipkind, Professional Development Director, Shady Lane
Location: Shady Lane
100 N. Braddock Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15208
Three Thursdays:
May 8, 1:00-3:00 PM
May 29, 1:00-4:00 PM
June 19, 1:00-4:00 PM
Total 9 DPW and Act 48 Hours

We will read Touchpoints and discuss a child’s emotional and behavioral development from birth to age three. Additional substantiating information from Magda Gerber and Alice Honig will enhance our experience. We will develop a greater understanding of the needs and abilities of babies, heightening our respect for infants and the developmental process they experience. Participants must attend all sessions in order to receive 9 PQAS and/or Act 48 hours.

Special Early Registration Bonus! Every participant who registers and pays by April 24th will receive a copy of the book, courtesy of PAEYC. Those registering after April 24th will be expected to purchase or borrow a copy of the book. The book is available online through amazon.com or at other online and retail booksellers.

This is a 3-part series. You must register for and attend all three parts in order to receive credit. Your registration fee of $21.00 includes all sessions of the series. Act 48 Credits are available for an additional fee of $5.00.
Please go to the PA Keys website to register for this class and for more information on Act 48 credits.

A Program of Shady Lane
This program funded through the Southwest Regional Key and PAEYC.

Professional Development Vodcasts from Better Kid Care
--with assists from Shady Lane...

The latest professional development resources created by our colleagues at the Penn State Cooperative Extension Better Kid Care program are now available online! Three "vodcasts" filmed in whole or in part at Shady Lane and featuring the insights of our professionals have just been released. These videos and associated research and printable materials are designed as tools for early childhood professionals. See below for embedded videos and more information. Thanks to everyone at Better Kid Care!

Executive Function: foster with Partner Time play

Video featuring our Young Threes Lead Educators, Maren Herman and Rachel Anderson, and great classroom footage illustrating the Young Threes' "Partner Time" process and how it supports development of Executive Function in young children.


Being There for Grieving Children

Important advice for supporting young children who have suffered a significant loss, featuring an interview and voiceover by Katie O'Neill, Shady Lane's Family/Child Advocate.


Change and Young Children

Katie O'Neill discusses the impact of changes in a young child's life and how best to support children's transitions and coping skills.

Thanks again to our friends at Better Kid Care for your work in educating our fellow early educators. For more vodcasts and supporting materials, visit the Better Kid Care website and click on the "vodcasts" button.

Shady Lane Professional Development Instructors

Click on these links to see profiles of Shady Lane's professional development instructors, including credentials and approved topic codes.

Polly Lipkind PQAS Profile as of 05-10-2013

Gina Capriotti PQAS Profile as of 05-10-2013

Katie O'Neill PQAS Profile as of 05-10-2013

Maren Herman PQAS Profile as of 05-10-2013

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