A quiet choice...
...makes a difference.

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Shady Lane's staff and educators take great pride in creating a school where educators listen, where parents participate and where children thrive and flourish. Our educational program responds to the individual strengths and developmental needs of each child. In the process, we help your child grow as an individual, in relationship with others and the worlds of materials and ideas.

Children emerge from Shady Lane more giving, confident, independent, curious, and able to solve problems and resolve conflict. We help students search for and form their own questions, ideas, and meaningful solutions in an environment of mutual trust.


(Must be 2 years old)

Two-year-olds reach important milestones of independence, self-awareness, creative expression and play. Educators focus on process, technique, exploration, and experimentation with materials, rather than on resulting product. A day attuned to physical, sensory, language, emotional and social development, play-centered, with quiet choices and calming periods to help pace our day.


(Must be 3 years old)

Educators support three-year-olds in becoming partners in play. We encourage the children to solve their own problems by giving them the words to use. "What's the problem? How can we solve this?" Our classrooms provide a beautiful, safe and stimulating learning environment that encourages the development of individual and group ideas over extended periods of time, with place to design and build, dress-up and play, explore books and write messages, and experiment with a variety of rich sensory materials.

Four Year Olds

(Must be 4 years old)

Four-year-olds experience a daily mix of teacher-directed activities with those chosen by students: group time with stories and songs, block or dramatic play, sand, art and writing activities, puzzles and games, along with active large-motor play time. Fours gain social skills and independence, moving seamlessly through a variety of environments: a cozy library, computer station, large science area, and art, writing, block building and dramatic play areas.


Mixed Age Groups

(Must be at least 3 years old)

Our Mixed Age classrooms allow children to experience a consistent classroom setting and team for two years, being mentored by older children at first, and then having a year as a "leader" during the second. This sets the stage for your child to grow within a supportive and loving atmosphere, open to many new and interesting ideas.

Infant and Young Toddler Programs

These brand new classrooms focus on language development and social and emotional development. They are operated by nurturing, calm and child-centered teachers giving children a sense of trust and security. These adults are also skilled in the development of infants and young toddlers. 

How to Apply

We look forward to meeting Families interested in attending Shady Lane.

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