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Welcome to Our Summer School-Age Program

Shady Lane’s Summer School-Age Program is designed to focus on that special time when children experience their first "summer break" between Kindergarten and First Grade. Our classroom includes a variety of child-directed and educator-directed experiences, acknowledging that all learning is mutual: adult-to-child, child-to-adult, and child-to-child. We encourage children to think independently by giving them opportunities to make choices throughout their day. We support a play-based philosophy, intermeshing play and social experiences as well as maintaining the skills gained in Kindergarten. Just as important, we promote and encourage an environment filled with love, kindness and empathy among our educators, students and families.

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Shady Lane Philosophy

As with all programs at Shady Lane, we encourage learning through hands-on exploration with materials at each child’s developmental level. We balance play and creativity, while expanding on the many areas of social and academic learning experienced during the Kindergarten year. Throughout the day, the children are exposed to a range of learning activities that allow them to learn in different modes and make meaningful connections. They have the opportunity to work in small groups, through free choice and self-directed play, and through daily routines designed with their developmental attributes in mind.

Daily Schedule

The Daily Schedule for the summer will seek to give children a relaxing and enjoyable break from the formality of the Kindergarten experiences, while offering a variety of age-appropriate activities and routines specifically designed to supplement children's social and academic gains from their first Elementary year. The group’s experience will revolve around summer and the opportunities for outside play, curiosity and exploration, and relaxation that come with it.

Each day will also include:

Morning Meeting Time to start the day, which will include a teacher-read chapter book time.

Book Circle Time during which children participate in a group reading session to further develop early literacy skills.

Dear Diary Time where children write about their morning in a personal diary.

Investigation Time an activity based on a workshop model of learning to foster critical thinking and scientific exploration.

Art Studio Time making daily use of Shady Lane’s Studio for both individual and group projects.

In addition to these daily activities, numerous special event days will dot the summer calendar, including outside Water Play days; field trips to Frick Park and the Oakland Branch of the Carnegie Library; two or three all-day field trips, including a Zoo Day in August; and three Special Camp Days featuring an Ice Cream Social, Favorite Foods Feast and End of Camp Picnic.

About the Lead Educator

Lexi Schaefers earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Carlow University, and holds a Pennsylvania Professional Certification in Elementary Education. Lexi started at Shady Lane in support of various classroom teams in 2008. Throughout the 2009-10 School Year, Lexi served as an Educator on the Young Threes team. During the 2011-12 school year, Lexi taught locally in a first grade classroom, and returned to Shady Lane to pioneer the first full session of our Summer School-Age Program in 2012. She is now a full-time Shady Lane Lead Educator, serving as Co-Lead Educator in the Partners Class during the school year and then as the Lead Educator for the Summer School Age Program. In all of these roles, Lexi has proven to be a dedicated, talented and patient Educator, and has formed special bonds to the children and families with whom she has worked.

We look forward to an exciting Summer!

Lexi Schaefers,  Summer School Age Lead Educator

Lexi Schaefers
Lead Educator
Summer School Age

How to Apply (Summer School)

To obtain more information or if you have other questions about this program, please call Gina Capriotti, our School Director, at 412-243-4040, ext. 12, and specify that you are interested in the Summer School-Age Program.

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