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Welcome to Our Summer Program

"Healthy Bodies!" Summer Camp 2015 is for all children who turned 3 on September 1, 2014 through those children who completed third grade in 2015.

In addition to numerous field trips to places such as the Carnegie Science Center, Market Square KidsPlay, Round Hill Farm, Frick Park, and Mellon Spray Park; we will also host visitors to teach about healthy living. Our visitors include, but are not limited to: an eye doctor, medical doctor, dental hygienist, nutritionist, Zumba instructor for children, soccer coach and bike safety expert.


How to Apply (Summer Program)

To obtain more information or if you have other questions about this program, please call Krystina Corrins, our Program Coordinator, at 412-243-4040, ext. 10, and specify that you are interested in the Summer Program.

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